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6 Insane But True Things about Solar Power and HVAC Systems | TLC Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Thinking about solar-powered HVAC systems? Keep scrolling to read the six facts about solar HVAC systems that will put them on your home wish list.

Until now, you might have assumed the sun only added to the energy consumed by your HVAC systems. At least, you know your cooling system will have to work harder when the sun is out. By heating up the environment, the sun is requiring your air conditioner to run more often to cool your home on a hot day. However, when solar energy is harnessed as a source of power, it could actually help you spend less on both heating and cooling.

The sun’s free, abundant, and sustainable energy can be easily converted into electric energy for your HVAC systems. The same electric energy that powers a light bulb is easily obtained from the sun. Photovoltaic cells convert the sun’s energy directly into electric energy. In this case, the electric energy from the sun can reduce electric consumption from your air conditioner or heat pump.

Here are 6 surprising facts about solar tied HVAC systems:

1. Using solar energy may not require a whole new HVAC system. Some systems can simply be modified and solar modules attached.

2. You’ll not only save money on monthly utility bills, but you may also be eligible for federal government and state tax credits to make the install more affordable.

3. Efficient heating and cooling systems that use the sun’s energy increase your home’s value.

4. If the sun’s energy is not needed to power your HVAC systems, it can be redirected to appliances like your refrigerator and entertainment system.

5. Some utility companies allow you to sell back extra energy when your system is tied into the grid. Watch your utility meter run in reverse.

6. Many systems allow you to monitor performance and see how much you’re saving. It’s better than clipping coupons.

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