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So as we enter our first full year as a company working on homeowners equipment and doing a lot of home warranty work, I just wanted to talk about things from the point of view from the contractors perspective. First and foremost, they are an insurance company. I know everyone expects them to cover 100% of everything, but if they did that they would be out of business. They have certain guidelines they need to follow as do I when conducting business. Secondly, they wont to make sure you are doing basic maintenance on your property if your not they will do everything they can to not cover anything, which I understand and agree with them. They will always repair over replace if they can because it is more economical at that moment. They look at the now, instead of the future and how long you have been with the company as a customer. I know these are not your concerns or worries, but these are the things that as a 3rd party person in the equation that we deal with when trying to fix your equipment.  So next time you are dealing with a contractor please understand that they are the middle man and can only do what the Home Warranty has authorized them to do unless you are going to take responsibility for payment. Every technician has in mind when they go to a home to leave making sure the homeowner has Air/ Heat, but that is not always possible due to what is down on the unit. Do they need to order parts, how old is your unit, and how long the Home Warranty takes on reviewing your case?

Is it worth your money for a Home Warranty Service? Well, that is the question only you can answer. I deal with some companies that are absolutely amazing to work with and some that I feel go out of their way not to cover anything. I am not here to bad mouth any of them but merely to give you a look from our point of view when dealing with them and what you should expect before getting into an agreement. First thing is read over your agreement thoroughly and make sure you understand what they cover and don’t cover on the plan you have purchased.  Do they cover a certain percentage of a repair or freon? Do they cover for leak test? All of these differ from company to company and plan to plan.

Keep records of all maintenance you have done on your unit and of all the companies that come out and service your unit, it can help the next tech figure out what is going on with your unit and or if any of the work had been done.  With anything in life, the person with the most paperwork normally wins, so keep records. With all that said, I do believe if you don’t have a maintenance agreement with an HVAC company having a Home Warranty is a good thing to have, you can save quite a bit of money with having one especially if you have an older R22 unit. If you have a unit older than 10 years old you really should consider purchasing a new unit. In our Arizona heat 10 to 15 years is the life expectancy of a unit. A unit can run longer but that depends on the care you have given to the unit over the years. Please see our post on PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE if you have any questions on what you need to do. Thank you for taking the time to read and hope we were of help to you.

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