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What to expect from your home warranty company

First off I am not here to bash your home warranty company,  that is not my purpose. My purpose is to inform you on the process you might be entering into if your HVAC unit has just failed on your home. I know most home owners believe that their home warranty is going to cover their repairs, and in some cases this is a true statement, but not in all. Home warranty companies normally dont cover for refrigerant except for a small portion if any at all. And if you have an older R22 system that can be very expensive, you can always use  a drop in  (which is about half the cost of R22) but if you go that route you will need to change the oil in the system which will be costly but you will be able to use a drop in during any future repairs. Your home warranty company also wants to see maintenance records normally showing 3 years worth of records and there are a lot of home owners that cant produce such records cause they just purchased the home or haven’t had it for 3 years, and if they have most people dont keep those records (good reason to sign a TLC maintenance agreement we keep records and pictures of each visit). They want to know if your having your coils cleaned, if you are changing your filters on a regular basis cause these can be reasons for some very costly repairs and if you are not doing what you need to on your end to make sure your unit runs they will not pay or help if you expect them to ( and as a business owner i understand and agree) so please do your part and change the filter and keep coils clean.

A home owner should expect to pay at least 40-50% of the repair . So if its a major repair you could be looking at anything from $1000-$3000 dollars, which is better than 6000 dollars for a new unit. With that said, paying $3000 or so for a complete new unit is easier to digest than paying $6000 without the help of a home warranty. And this is not the case for every company out there, there are a handful of them that are amazing about taking care of their clients, and than some that dont do so well. I wont name names, i would just say please do your re search. If you do have any questions please feel free and contact me personally.

  1. Make a claim
  2. Home warranty sends claim to contractor
  3. Contractor receives claim
  4. Scheduled ( chances are its going to be a couple days out)
  5. Tech comes to home and diagnoses unit
  6. Depending on what is wrong we will need to get approvals from home warranty unless you decide to pay out of pocket
  7. Home warranty orders parts or equipment (again depending on what was wrong)
  8. Reschedule when parts are received
  9. Tech comes back out and fixs unit ( in most cases this takes a day or so, but there are those special cases when it can take days or weeks so please be patient with your contractor and understand they can only go as fast as you and your home warranty allow)


Please dont call your contractor and start demanding things from them, we understand you need and want your system back up and running but you are not the only customer in the valley they have. Specially if you are calling from your home warranty, please understand most companies pay any where from 30 to 60 days after so contractors take cash calls as priority cause thats money in their pocket that day, but if they are waiting for payment they are running their business of their own money and paying for other peoples repairs out of their own pocket. So please be patient and respectful to them and their time schedule.

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